installation view at looiersgracht 60, amsterdam


The two-screen film ‘While the Pile of Rubble Grows Towards the Sky’ takes the audience on an underground journey through the corridors of the Cannerberg, a former limestone mine in Southern Limburg, The Netherlands. Two characters, guided by atmospheric sounds and drone music, explore this maze-like structure. As they move deeper into the mountain, they encounter the ghosts of the past radiating from the walls: 19th century miners, Nazis during the Second World War, a NATO headquarters for war operations, amongst others. Eventually they arrive in the present where they find a beautiful creature quietly forcing a new perspective onto these troubling histories of human activities.

Previously on view at Contemporary Museum of Art, Belgrade and Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam. More info about future screenings soon...

A film by Kristina Benjocki and Stijn Verhoeff
two-channels, 40 minutes, 2023

Starring - Kristina Benjocki, Robbie Smeets and
a brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus)
Voices - Ana Smaragda Lemnaru and Yvo Sprey
Director of Photography - Casper Brink
Editors - Daria Kiseleva and Stijn Verhoeff
Sound - Sjoerd Leijten
Electroacoustic music - composed by Sjoerd
, recorder performance by Verena Barié,
double bass performance by Simon Beeckaert
Accordion music - composed and performed by
Leo Svirsky, recorded inside the Cannerberg by
Sjoerd Leijten
Text - Kristina Benjocki and Stijn Verhoeff
Lights - Dietmar Gunne
Catering - Dušica Vesnić
Voices recorded by Marcel de Rooij, De Slapende
Hond, Amsterdam

Titles - Paul Gangloff
Map - David Cornelis van Schaïk
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Amarte, Stichting
Niemeijer Fonds
and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds