two-minute fragment - in collaboration with jasper coppes


In Uit de lucht gegrepen, translated as Out of darkness, the camera moves through a brightly lit but unfinished barn. A little radio fills the space with fragments of text. Ferns lie haphazardly amidst construction materials. A man carries red sticks outside. He is merely visible from the back. The man is so deeply involved with his surrounding that he seems to become part of its speechless components. The intentions of his actions and the significance of space remain obscured, neither do we gain much information about the surroundings; outside it is dark and night. The camera moves through this darkness searching for something to hold on to while distant sounds bring the film screen to life. After a flight through this lively gloom the camera returns to the barn to recapture the moment in all its detail. To hold it, to grasp it, to fully let it sink in.

Directed by Jasper Coppes and Stijn Verhoeff
16mm film with sound
13 minutes, loop

With Eelco Mur
Camera Casper Brink
Sound design Malu Peeters
Radio Zoltan Torey and Natasha Mitchell
Additional sound recording Kris Whittaker
Supported by Mondriaan Fund and
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Special thanks to Land Art Contemporary

Premiered at International Film Festival
in January 2014